Beyond The Screen - Organised by Target Media Culcreative, SIT and JTC

Submission Requirements

Submit a concise write-up to tell us your idea as well as a 30-second video highlighting the key aspects of it to

Kindly include the following details in your submission:

Secondary Email (if any):
Current Institution (if any):
Category of Submission: Students / Community-at-large

For participants under the age of 18 years old, kindly submit a parent/guardian consent form: Parent or Guardian Consent for Participation in Competition.docx

If your idea is to be shortlisted, the 30-second video will be presented for the viewers' choice

You have an option of providing us a video or picture to illustrate your idea.

Optional supporting documents and materials

These may include the following:
• Videos: 180 seconds or less; uploaded on YouTube with a link included in the submission
• Graphic materials: e.g., photos, 3D models
• Prototypes: e.g., paper prototype, construction modelling kits
• Others: e.g., research papers, end-user interviews, diagrams

Please note that all written submissions are to be in English. Participants are also encouraged to share their submissions via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag, #PDD2022Hackathon.

Finalists are required to present their ideas to a panel of judges.

For any clarification of submission requirements, please contact

Beyond The Screen

Organised by Target Media Culcreative, SIT and JTC.



2 Top Prizes: $2,000 worth of vouchers each
8 Finalists: $500 worth of vouchers each
2 Viewer's Choice: $1,000 worth of vouchers each

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